"Your number one hedging supplier"

Tom says

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to grow with the company. When I began I was initially hired to work in the office, but soon thereafter I was asked to help out at the Nursery. My Office clothes were traded for coveralls and I began to put in more and more hours in the Nursery. It appeared I had a Talent for production!

When an opportunity to fulfill a leadership role became available, I did not hesitate and grabbed it so I could satisfy my hunger for personal growth and development. In this green universe, I feel like a fish in the water, whether it is outside in the open air, on the fields, in the Greenhouse or behind a computer. As an allround, multi faceted person is a fantastic feeling to be part of this wonderful team. 

Every year I watch our plants grow on the fields I am responsible for which provides me with a great sense of satisfaction. Working together with Gijs has created a strong bond throughout the years, and has grown into a relationship based on trust and loyalty. 

At the beginning of the 2014/2015 season I have been given another opportunity to further develop my talents: I will be part of the Sales team and am going to be responsible for the Offer and Proposal strategy. Combined with the practical experience I gained at the Nursery and with a healthy economic understanding it could be a golden basis from which to operate. 

Cooperation and Communication are the main buzzwords for the coming year ahead. On a daily basis Gijs will provide the Nursery with a sense of direction, Gerard is going to manage the “order and classification tasks” and Rob will make sure our clients warm up to what I consider to be wonderful products. Hopefully, this year, I will be able to completely develop all of my talents and show them I was worthy of the opportunity given to me”.

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