"Your number one hedging supplier"


All our employees are passionate and dedicated professionals. Accomplishing great results and achieving objectives together is what unites us. Without our dedicated staff it would have been practically impossible to grow our hedges. As a team, we are realizing our ambitions, one step at a time.

Each individual employee makes a unique contribution within their field of expertise, and we provide them with opportunities to grow with the company. Our continuous efforts to make improvements, working with passion and providing an open feedback working environment, are the essential underpinnings of our organization.

The Freedom, trust and responsibility we give our employees resulted in the creation of a close knit and united team where everyone delivers a top performing and does what makes them happy: To grow a fantastic Hedge Plant.

Working at De Kuil Hedging is inspiring and fun! Our colleagues Tom van de Bersselaar and Gijs van de Plas tell us why:

Tom says

“I’ve just celebrated my 10 year working anniversary”! Looking back, one thing stands out:
working with Hans won’t ever become boring. There is always something to do and the company is constantly moving ahead. 

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