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Hedging Elements

With De Kuil Hedging’s, hedge elements, your client's needs are met when it comes to creating a ready-to-use, dense hedge. Your customer won’t have to wait for years: a mature, green hedge is realized within a day.

At our nursery the seedlings are planted in elements or units at the correct distance from each other and over period of 3 to 5 years, the seedlings grow into full ready to use hedges.

De Kuil Hedging is particularly known for its larger hedge elements from 150 cm to 225 cm (59, 6 to 88.58 inches) high, but also if you need smaller hedge elements (from 60 cm = 23.62 inches), please contact us!

Hedge element specifications:

  • The most common plants we use in the hedge elements are: Prunus, Taxus, Ligustrum, Buxus, Carpinus and Fagus.
  • The elements / units are always 1 meter wide and 2 meters high, an element weighs about 60 pounds.
  • You can plant the elements year round, because they haven’t been grown in open-ground.
  • We deliver the elements in special cultivation bags so that they are easy to transport and place.


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