"Your number one hedging supplier"

Misson Statement

De Kuil Hedging’s mission statement is: To grow progressively, day by day while cultivating and supplying top quality hedges. Our Customers and plants always come first.

As a plant nursery company we are fortunate to love what we do and know what we are good at. Since we shed our old identity, we have moved forward in terms of professionalism and have, as a trading company, become specialists in Hedges and Hedge Plants. This new found identity has allowed us to reflect on what really inspires us, and on ways to create added value to our mission and vision.

What became obvious is that appreciation is a crucial driving force for us: appreciation from regular customers for our company, appreciation for our products and appreciation from our employees. Appreciation gives us energy and helps us move forward. Together and with the means we have available to us, we aim to realize our goals in a manner we can take pride in.

Furthermore we endeavour conduct business with respect and awareness towards the environment, for our customers and within our company. Issues such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, employee development and a healthy approach to further growth, are not just very important to us, but are core of all our business activities.

The way we have achieved success and the results obtained, allowed us to move forwards, ensuring continuity for both our customers and employees. As a company, we look forward to the future with confidence. We will always endeavour to maintain a growing and thriving business our customer will be happy with, and to be a company employees can be proud of. 

With that in mind, rest assured that we shall never compromise on our values.

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